Economy - Jessyn Farrell

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  • To make universal birth-to-five childcare a reality and level the playing field for hardworking Seattle families, we need a comprehensive and robust influx of funding. The city must set a tax floor via ballot measure for wealthy households so these households contribute an annual tax based on their net worth. This will build on the work done in Olympia this session to fund early childhood education with a wealth tax on extraordinary profits while complying with Washington’s constitutional requirement that all individuals are taxed at uniform rates.
  • Will bring together experts on small business to aid struggling firms in recovering quickly and support new small business owners with guidance on best practices on entrepreneurship.
  • Will prioritize supporting the thriving refugee and immigrant community who are bulwarks for entrepreneurism in Seattle, but were disproportionately left out of federal pandemic relief.
  • Will collaborate with Seattle’s largest businesses to support small business grants and to be part of the solution to our shared challenges, including homelessness.
  • Will work with banks, venture capital firms, and start-up incubators to improve access to capital for all.
  • Will support initiatives to create day jobs, support services, and gig work with equitable pay for all.
  • For those who cannot work, will build on the lessons learned from the pandemic to direct appropriate economic support that will stimulate demand for neighborhood small businesses.
  • Will support schools, non-profit organizations, unions, and businesses that offer vocational capacity building to support local businesses, prioritizing those that offer students of all ages the opportunity to earn while they learn.