Homelessness - Lance Randall

  • Establish “Dignity Communities” using surplus city property and leasing private property to create safe places for temporary shelter with service providers on site, amenities to meet basic human needs, support teams and job placement for sustainable earned income.
  • Call to action for the public to organize “Dignity Teams” which will provide direct financial support to help individuals transition into permanent housing and find job placement. The teams should have a minimum of 40 members who are willing to invest an average of $100 per month over a period between 12 and 18 months. The teams will also use their network to find individual jobs.
  • Recruit “Dignity Counselors” to serve as liaisons to provide direct support and guidance to individuals and families who are being served in the communities. These liaisons will have experience and connections to help veterans, youth and family services, those with mental health, the formerly incarcerated, those addicted to drugs and the disabled.
  • “Dignity Dinners” will be celebrations to recognize our neighbors who have fully transitioned into permanent housing and have a job making a sustainable earned income and an opportunity for them to meet their support teams face to face.
  • Immediately empower teams of nurses, substance abuse specialists, job development specialists, and specially trained police officers to enter existing tent cities to provide substance abuse, job readiness, and other transitional services.
  • Expand shelter capacity by partnering with churches to provide overnight shelter for homeless families and children where available.