Transit - Bruce Harrell

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  • Better connect our neighborhoods to each other and within, through strong transit networks, walkable and bikeable pathways, and by committing to thoughtful urban planning where jobs, schools, childcare, and other needs are proximate to dense and affordable housing.
  • Get transit back on track, by increasing frequency of service, broadening route options, and working with Metro to better connect different methods of transportation.
  • Increase e-bike usage and support electric cars by placing and constructing charging stations so they are widely available and conveniently located.
  • Accelerate repair and maintenance of aging facilities like the West Seattle Bridge, Magnolia Bridge, and other critical infrastructure needs that connect our neighborhoods and people.
  • Continue investing in safe sidewalks and bike lanes while implementing Vision Zero concepts that will help keep every commuter safe.
  • Push the boundaries of transportation innovation, work to expedite Sound Transit 3 construction, explore groundbreaking potential proposals like Cascadia high speed rail, and work with the Biden administration to secure funding for new and existing projects.